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Happy New Year from Frisket. Frisket asleep on 12/22/02 Happy Frisket in Amagansett, NY on 11/09/02 @ 7:30:02 PM    

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DogNY is getting hyped on CNNfn today. DogNY is a project by the American Kennel Club to raise funds and awareness about rescue dogs in the wake of their work at the WTC site. DogNY placed painted sculptures of dogs in various locations (in our area in front of the Engine 205/Ladder 118 firehouse) and are now auctioning off the sculptures. @ 10:16:50 AM    

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Yesterday's snowfall was more than we received all last winter. Frisket enjoyed the snow very much (she likes to run and run then dive into snowbanks). She also has tried eating it all. Every little bit. She was especially pleased to learn she has her own private snow park on the deck (where Lisa and I discovered we have close to 10 inches of snow). @ 9:52:42 AM    

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