July 26, 2004

Temporary - raw movies fo Frisket of the Tides

I can't get iMovie to edit these without crashing so here's a series of clips we took of Frisket frolicking in the tides of Provincetown harbor last week. They are being served from our home server so be forewarned there may be problems loading them:

To play a clip just click on the link titled MOV0….MPG.

Once I get iMovie working I'll edit these and put up a single clip off the frisket.org server.

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July 10, 2004

Frisket of USQ North

Lisa, Ed and Frisket walked from Hicks St to the W Hotel Union Square Sunday afternoon. It's about a 2-3 mile walk and all three of us collapsed once we got into the hotel room.

The purpose was quite simple: the Macy's Fireworks barges were docked about 1000 feet due west in the river and come 9:00 they would go off, causing Frisket to become quite upset.

Seeking to avoid the pain we enountered last year as Frisket sought to do something to get away from the fireworks, we planned to get away somehow for the weekend or at least the night of the 4th for this year.

So, we walked to the W (my idea). Wasn't a bad walk, of course this implied that we'd have to walk back Monday the 5th. Keep this in mind.

Anyway, we turned on the A/C full blast, watched TV and generally relaxed. Lisa and I caught dinner at Sushi Samba (on Park Ave South around 17th).

We returned to the hotel and almost didn't notice when the fireworks started.

Frisket did notice and got mildly upset, but nowhere near the terror-stricken panic she had last year. After a few minutes she curled up on the bed between us and seemed to doze through the remainder of the fireworks.

I slept fitfully through the night and Frisket made it clear she wanted to go for a walk around 4:30 a.m., so I took her out for a wander up and down Park Avenue South at 4:30 a.m.

She did what she needed to do and we returned to the hotel.

I noticed it was rather muggy outside, still, even though it had rained overnight.

We woke up later Monday, had breakfast delivered, and relaxed. We walked Frisket up to the new "shake shack" at Madison Square Park and showed her where Lisa works during the day.

We headed back and checked out of the hotel. Lisa split off to do some shopping and go to the gym while Frisket and I headed home to Brooklyn.


Now, I didn't think to check the weather because it was pretty clear, though muggy, when we left the hotel.

I did not notice the black clouds on the horizon (insert ominous sounds here).

About 20 minutes into our walk, around, I don't know, somewhere south of Houston, someone aimed 10,000 firehoses down from the sky at us.

We were drenched in seconds.

I continued walking since we were already wet until I saw/heard the lightening hit a building about a half block down Lafayette.

At this point we were near a firehouse which happened to have a little porch, so we ducked into the porch and hung out for a good 20 minutes while the lightening hit and storm rained and generally it sucked to be outside.

Eventually the sky cleared and we headed back south. It continued to drizzle occasionally but the main storm had passed.

We hit the Brooklyn Bridge and Frisket pretty much pulled me across. I get the sense she either was really pissed off at being soaked (though she was probably better for it since it also cooled her off), or she just wanted to get home and recognized the Promenade. Either way I was glad since the last thing I wanted to do was drag her across the Brooklyn Bridge with all of the tourists questioning why I was dragging such a beautiful, if petulant, dog across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We made it home around 4:30 and promptly collapsed, again.

Next year: not walking to the W Hotel Union Square.

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