February 27, 2011

An actual blog post about Frisket

Frisket and Sailor turned nine at the start of the month (2/2/2011). I’d say they are both slowing down somewhat, but generally bop along on their walks, rumpus around in the dog run or in snow (which we had lots of this year) and haven’t really shown any signs of aging.

But about ten days ago, Lisa and I noticed that Frisket was having a lot of difficult standing up from a prone position. Very hesitant, little bit shaky. After giving it a few days to see if she shook it off (as she has in the past when she’s done something funky to a leg) I finally took her to the vet this afternoon.

The good news: no sign of Lyme disease (negative on the test), and an x–ray showed no signs of arthritis or injury. The vet felt that her neck is very stiff and suggested it might be a pinched nerve.

So we’re going to try an anti–inflammatory for two weeks (Rimadyl) and make some changes to her routines: shifting to a harness from the Gentle Leader, raising the food and water bowls, and suspending making her sit at various times (in the elevator, waiting for food, before she can buy or sell stock, etc.).

Through it all she hasn’t shown any signs of pain, and will walk 2—3 miles with me with minimal complaint (the complaints that she does have run to “you need to let me grab that stick” and “no, I really do want to sit on the fifth park bench in a row”).

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February 21, 2011

DDD 21.2.2011

DDD 21.2.2011, originally uploaded by epc.

Frozen water concentrate edition.

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February 16, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dogs 16.02.2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dogs 16.02.2011, originally uploaded by epc.

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February 02, 2011

Frozen Birthday Dogs 2.2.2011 Wish @canch_sailor @frisketofmainst a happy 9th bday

Frozen Birthday Dogs 2.2.2011 Wish @canch_sailor @frisketofmainst a happy 9th bday, originally uploaded by epc.

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