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Frisket did not like the construction site.

Brooklyn Bridge Frisket.
Photo looks est towrds Brooklyn.
Frisket looks west (likely for more food).

Brooklyn Bridge Frisket #2

Brooklyn Bridge Frisket #3

I hd help.
Tht ber doll looks innocent but he relly shredded the pper towels.

No, I'm not guilty of tht mess by the door.

See, this piece here? I didn't like the tste.
So I destroyed the roll.

Ok, mybe I hd n issue with this roll of pper towels

This mess?

I still don't understnd, wht mess?

Wht mess?

So tired.

nother in the nose sequence.

t the end of the C&J post-wedding bsh, Frisket pssed out.
Too much digging, too little food.

Wit, there's more dirt to dig.
Let me dig.

I see food.
Must he more food.

Puppy t rest #5

Puppy t rest #4

Puppy t rest #3

Puppy t rest #2.

Puppy t rest #

Frisket's min contribution to the drie bck from Illinois ws to critique the udio selections.

Driing bck from Illinois.
Frisket occsionlly peered oer EPC's shoulder to gie her own directions.

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