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Collapsed in a heap on the sofa tonight with Frisket curled up in my arms. I've been informed it was rather cute but Lisa didn't know my camera was in a bag on the chair next to the sofa so there will be no cute picture posted (at least not tonight). Frisket seems to be doing better, though we are still waiting to hear from the AMC on her tests from Sunday night. @ 10:50:09 PM    

Took Frisket out to Amagansett over the weekend. This was her first trip out of the city and we think she engine it for the most part, though we think she practiced some "digestive indiscretion". When we got home she threw up twice so we took her to the Animal Medical Center, spending several hours there with her. The vet coined the "digestive indiscretion" line and recommended bland food for the next day or so.

Have updated the photos on Frisket's site. @ 12:14:44 AM    

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It feels like it's been a whirlwind the past few days but, actually, it's just the side-effect of raising Frisket! The typical day "begins" at around 5:30 when she announces that it's time to, well, go outside and play. She spends about 30 minutes outside, then eats breakfast, then gets 20-30 minutes to digest (while we snooze), then outside again.

We have a number of people circulating through the house during the day either watching, walking, or feeding her (on the days when neither one of us can work from home).

Then for the evening she gets dinner around 6:00 followed by playtime outside on Hicks St. We were told that she should meet 100 people in her first three months. I think we average that per day!

Tonight she got an added treat, she went to her first session of puppy pre-school (kind of obedience training light). After romping around for 60 minutes with three other puppies, she came home and took a shower (erm, ok, we took a shower) since pre-school is rather sloppy.

And now...she's dozing on our deck, though I'm about to wake her up for her midnight stroll outside. @ 11:11:55 PM    

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We've updated Frisket's website with pictures taken this afternoon and a couple from earlier in the week. @ 10:42:53 PM    

Permanent link for this day Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Frisket got to spend some time outside today meeting people while sitting on our stoop. @ 11:26:56 PM    

Permanent link for this day Saturday, April 06, 2002

Frisket arrived today! Ok, actually we picked her up from Grenadier Golden Retrievers in Worcester, MA. We spent Friday evening with Alister and Abigail and caught up with Chet, Matt, and Mat. @ 8:48:49 PM    

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