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Frisket is at Monster Mutt today while the construction dudes do that construction they do. @ 10:27:13 AM    

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Frisket demanded more playtime with Coco, so we're at the other end of the island this weekend. @ 11:53:33 PM    

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Frisket got her stitches out yesterday...we plan to take her to the Hill Side dog run today. @ 7:30:35 AM    

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Frisket of the Soybean Fields

I don't think I posted this in July...this is a movie clip of Frisket frolicking in the Costello soybean fields in Denham, IN back in July.

.  @ 9:33:58 PM    

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Frisket of Hicks Street...see, even others take pictures of her

Frisket has been a bit under the weather overnight, I htink we over-walked her a bit on Friday and Saturday. I plan to post some of her six-month pictures later today, but I have to post this image from the Urban Photo site, which I found while randomly surfing. There are not that many cream/white colored puppies in the neighborhood, this has to be Frisket and Lisa from some time this spring. @ 12:52:34 PM    

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Frisket's home

We picked up Frisket from the vet around 5 this afternoon. She seems ok, a bit tired still. She won't get to play much for the next several days until the stitches come out. She demanded that we watch the final episode of The Mole II tonight (apparently she'd set a program to record it on the Tivo) and then flipped over to Newsnight. She now appears to be tearing a hole in something in the kitchen. @ 10:52:09 PM    

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We dropped Frisket off at the vet this morning for her "operation". I talked to the vet's office just now and they say she came through fine...we're to pick her up some time tomorrow. @ 5:15:02 PM    

Frisket is six months old (ok, her birthday was Friday, there's been a few problems here in blog land). @ 12:25:30 AM    

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