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Frisket is very mopy (mopie? mopey?) today. She probably needs to go to Monster Mutt this week...I've kept her home for the past week since she seemed to have some congestion and her right eye was kind of red. --epc @ 12:02:34 PM    

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Took Frisket to the vet today...she's had a runny nose since last weekend and I noticed her eyes were red last night. She also is in the midst of another intestinal disturbance (likely to be dietary indiscretion again). She's now on Benadryl, 25mg every 12 hours. We'll see how the disturbance progresses or regresses. @ 4:49:59 PM    

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In another sign of the slide of Zimbabwe into uncivilization, this story tells of a vet who has been spending his time putting down pets, farm animals, and most recently guard dogs, all because their owners have had to flee the country. @ 2:58:10 PM    

Four-Legged 'Friends'

Ok, there's yet-another-reality-show, this one based in NYC, about dogs and their owners. Shall we nominate Ms. Frisket and her insane parents? @ 2:46:53 PM    

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Learned tonight that Frisket DOES NOT LIKE FIREWORKS. For whatever reason (perhaps as part of Bloomberg's new "noise" strategy), a big fireworks display was set off around 7:15 in the East River off Brooklyn Heights. Given the location of the house (between two tall buildings), the echo was pretty deafening and Frisket was freaking out, so I figured I'd walk her down to the promenade.

Bad Move

She reacted much the same way as she reacts to horses, that is to pull my shoulder out of its socket in the exact opposite direction of the fireworks. @ 7:42:39 PM    

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