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So last night, Frisket woke up around 3:00 and started making various noisees while chewing such diverse things as the bed, a laptop power supply, and something in the corner which I couldn't identify. She kept getting up on the bed (front paws only of course, she knows she's not allowed on the bed) trying to get us to play with her. Finally (keep in mind it was 3 a.m.) I said something to the effect of "If you don't go to your bed and sleep you are not going to "Monster Mutt" tomorrow!" Frankly, I was a bit stunned when she took her toy and walked over to her bed, curled up, and fell asleep. Just for that she got to spend the afternoon at Monster Mutt. Lisa confirmed to me that I didn't dream this, she heard me say it this morning and also watched as Frisket curled up and slept. @ 9:23:17 PM    

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Frisket was quite happy to read Britain to Allow Entry of Dogs, Cats in the AP wire on the NY Times site this morning . @ 10:40:13 AM    

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Ed's glasses have now survived nearly five hours in the same house as Frisket. However, it should be noted that Frisket consumed a pair of swimming goggles Tuedsay night. It's unclear whose swimming goggles were consumed, since neither Ed nor Lisa have been swimming. @ 6:31:20 PM    

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Ticking away

Argh. We were in Amagansett over the weekend. We consciously decided to stop using Frontline on Frisket back in October, figuring that the flea and tick season was nearly over. It wasn't. I discovered one tick walking freely on Frisket Saturday night and mushed it to bits (not on Frisket of course). I thought I checked her thoroughly last night when we returned but missed the tick on her paw. We discovered it this afternoon and tried removing it and partially removed it (I know, I know, you have to get the head, not just the body) so we're off to the vet tomorrow. I think a round of Frontline may be in order at least until there's a couple nights of hard freezes. @ 5:25:45 PM    

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Frisket is at Monster Mutt today. She seemed very happy to get away from epc for the day. @ 12:12:28 PM    

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Argh..., Frisket just totally destroyed my reading glasses. She has had an odd fascination with our glasses (mine for reading, Lisa's for distance/driving), and had previously chewed up a bit of the frame of mine. Tonight though, Lisa found her munching away, having chewed off various pieces and totally twisting the frames. Looks like I'll have to see if the optometrist has industrial-strength frames ;-) @ 6:13:56 PM    

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