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Frisket got a good run in at the Hillside dog run today. I froze my tail off but she kept running and running (she'll saunter up to another dog, antagonize it in a very playful way, and then run). epc @ 9:49:20 PM    

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Klaus dropped by Thursday night to meet Frisket. These are two unfortunately sloppy pictures of the two of them together on the promenade: Klaus Rusch and Frisket on a park bench Klaus Rusch and Frisket on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. @ 1:12:27 PM    

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Drove LK up to Armonk very early this morning for an IBM meeting. I thought it'd be nice for Frisket to come with us...bad move. Frisket was fine after I dropped off Lisa until I got to Route 22 where she promptly threw up what little she'd eaten this morning. This is the second time she's had problems after I've dropped off Lisa somewhere (and I suspect if I had a somewhere to be dropped off she'd do the same with me). Driving home took forever since it was with the NYC commute traffic...I ended up leaving Frisket at Monster Mutt for the day. @ 6:19:01 PM    

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Frisket is very upset that the latest snowstorm appears to have bypassed Brooklyn. @ 4:44:14 PM    

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Frisket consumed some sort of electronics cable this morning. The only remaining evidence is a 1/8" mono headphone jack and some wire. @ 1:11:34 PM    

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