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Forgot to do a Frisket update yesterday. She's been acting up a bit in a way I'm not going to describe here. So we walked over to the vet yesterday and he gave her a shot of antibiotics and a prescription for antibiotics for the next two weeks. Nothing serious, we think. Still planning on journeying westward this weekend. @ 6:32:54 PM    

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We’ve been taking Frisket to an agility training class for the past several weeks. She is proving to be not so agile, since we’re stuck at the second lesson still (walking through a 3 foot nylon tunnel). She’s terrified of the tunnel, I’m not sure why. I spent the past half hour trying to get her to walk through using all sorts of enticements (treats, many, many treats) and no joy. @ 9:39:56 AM    

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I put together a movie of Frisket scampering in the snow. This is from last week’s storm, not yesterday’s blizzard. The format is Windows Media which I think only works on PCs, not Macs. Click here to start the clip. @ 11:51:41 AM    

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Frisket at rest

Frisket sleeping on the front couch @ 11:52:33 AM    

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Today was Frisket's first birthday. She spent much of the day at Monster Mutt, playing with the other dogs. On coming home she was surprised to find Cosmo (a toy Fox Terrier friend of hers) at home ready to play with her further. @ 11:25:21 PM    

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