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Frisket woke up around 5:30 a.m. CDT, but decided to doze around till 7:00 or so. Then she walked epc around the near north side to Michigan avenue but was upset to see the stores weren't open yet. @ 3:01:14 PM    

Just to keep up to date...Frisket spent the day today at Monster Mutt. I (epc) walked her over and got there just as they opened at 8:00. She was pretty good...though I'm waiting to get stopped by the Animal Precinct police on reports of a man dragging an adorable puppy along Hicks street.

Frisket will spend the day Thursday with Lisa at home, followed by an evening road trip out to Amagansett. She'll get to spend the weekend playing with Coco and her new friend (we hope) Spike. (Pete: She won't eat Spike. Honest.) e.p.c. @ 12:04:47 AM    

Argh. Apologies for the lack of posts now even to Frisket's 'blog. I need to spend some time fixing the weblog software on my mac (either my 1998 vintage imac is getting rusty or the software is hosed or both). @ 12:01:41 AM    

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