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Frisket of I-80

Well....we returned Tuesday night. Unfortunately the 'blog software I use seems to be still stuck on the PA turnpike. Frisket was very good throughout the drive back, though she appears to have picked up an slight upper respiratory infection. She sees the vet tomorrow. Total driving distance: 996 miles (Downers Grove-Erie-Brooklyn), approximately 3000 miles overall (Brooklyn - Downers Grove - Champaign - Downers Grove - Champaign - Downers Grove - Denham, IN - Downers Grove - Champaign...well, you get the idea). @ 6:55:01 PM    

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Leaving Erie, should hit Brooklyn around 5:00 this afternoon, barring traffic jams. Frisket has been behaving quite well in the car, usually snoring away as we roll along the highway. @ 9:08:59 AM    

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Arrived in Erie, PA. Going to catch some lunch and take Frisket to Presque Isle for the afternoon before connecting with Art & Deb. @ 11:58:00 AM    

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Starting the drive to Brooklyn. Frisket and I will drive across Indiana tonight and then pull over somewhere in Ohio. Monday we'll drive to Erie and spend an evening with the Martinucci's. @ 9:48:19 PM    

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Off to Champaign again this morning...this is our last trip, Lisa is done with the initial class today. She gets to return once per semester (though her next trip should be interesting since it's the Chicago v. Green Bay game, played temporarily in Champaign). Frisket's presence has been requested so she will be coming along for the ride as well. @ 10:15:18 AM    

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Got back from Denham, IN. Frisket romped throughout the soybean fields. Pictures and video later. @ 8:14:29 PM    

Today it's a quick day trip to the Costello family farm in Denham, IN. Frisket will get to romp around in ten acres of soybeans. @ 9:39:32 AM    

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Frisket of Daniel Street

Drove Frisket down to Champaign to see Lisa this morning. Lunched with Lisa at Panera. When we went to leave (Lisa had a 3:00 class), Frisket noticed a Petsmart at the interstate interchange and demanded we visit. She took so long picking out new edible nylabones, that I figured we might as well stick around and see if Lisa was available for dinner. She was and we grabbed some quick pizza and ate on the UIUC quad. As you can see Thumbnail image of Frisket at UIUC, Frisket is considering attending UIUC as well. @ 11:29:03 PM    

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Took Frisket to the Oak Brook dog run. She gallumped around for about 40 minutes, turning from her normal cream color to a shade of grey-black. She has this thing where she'll playfully antagonize another dog, then run as fast as she can under a picnic table (usually sliding in like she's tagging a base).

After getting back I attempted to give her a shower. Let's just say she reacted negatively. Tomorrow she gets to travel down to Champaign to see Lisa! e.p.c. @ 11:47:26 PM    

Memo for future trips: bring a puppiegate. @ 3:52:15 PM    

Frisket is attempting to eat everything today. Yesterday it was linoleum on the floor. Today it was a jar of dill seasoning. @ 3:38:33 PM    

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Frisket in motion

This is a clip of Frisket mugging for the camera for Lisa. @ 11:37:23 PM    

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Dog run!

Took Frisket to the Oak Brook dog run this morning. She met "Marcus" and spent much time running around in the dirt. Later she and I (epc) played "Let's throw the sock around the yard". I've decided I didn't really need that sock anyway. e.p.c. @ 11:48:21 PM    

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So...I drove back from Champaign this afternoon to wonderful Downers Grove. The soundtrack for the drive was an odd mix of CDs (Def Leppard, CD1 of the 2000 Triple JJJ mix from Sydney, Queen's best (1 & 2), disc one of the Beatles 1962-1964 and Last Train to Kipling by the Lost Dakotas). The drive was completely uneventful, though Frisket thought it odd that Lisa stayed behind. When we got back to the house in DG she ran up the stairs (my guess is to find Lisa) and was perplexed not to find what she was looking for. We return to pick up Lisa next Friday. @ 10:57:28 PM    

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We took Frisket to the Oak Brook (Illinois) dog park today. She had great fun, meeting another Golden Retriever named Jasper (almost the same age) and a Great Dane. She's been a bit freaked by all of the travel, hopefully tomorrow when epc returns to Downers Grove with her she'll settle down for a few days (though she'll miss Lisa). @ 11:55:41 PM    

Continuing the Midwestern adventure...

Lisa worked at IBM Oak Brook for Monday and we're going to take Frisket to a local dog run, and then drive down to UIUC. Frisket is adapting well to Illinois, she likes to eat the grass and appears to like eating bits of the driveway as well. Last night she got to meet the Gegen family (and for the curious, the GPS failed to correctly find the Gegen home thereby confirming it's impossible to find on the first try). @ 10:29:41 AM    

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Frisket of Carpenter Street

So Frisket is now in Downers Grove, consuming everything she can find. Unfortunately, that included a bag of her dog food which somehow managed to be sitting on the floor, open. EPC found her head buried in the bag. She looked up with a "Who me?" look, then proceeded to gulp down whatever was in her mouth. For the remainder of Sunday evening she kind of just beached herself on her pillow with a look of "Ugh, what did I do" on her face. @ 1:38:07 PM    

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