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We took Frisket to the Oak Brook (Illinois) dog park today. She had great fun, meeting another Golden Retriever named Jasper (almost the same age) and a Great Dane. She's been a bit freaked by all of the travel, hopefully tomorrow when epc returns to Downers Grove with her she'll settle down for a few days (though she'll miss Lisa). @ 11:55:41 PM    

Continuing the Midwestern adventure...

Lisa worked at IBM Oak Brook for Monday and we're going to take Frisket to a local dog run, and then drive down to UIUC. Frisket is adapting well to Illinois, she likes to eat the grass and appears to like eating bits of the driveway as well. Last night she got to meet the Gegen family (and for the curious, the GPS failed to correctly find the Gegen home thereby confirming it's impossible to find on the first try). @ 10:29:41 AM    

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