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Walked Frisket over to MonsterMutt. Actually, that's phrased better as Frisket walked Lisa and Ed to MonsterMutt. Not bad given that it's about 14-16 blocks from the house. @ 10:42:19 AM    

Frisket was up around 6:00 this morning. She's lounging around in the den now (directly in front of the A/C) and will be walking epc over to Monster Mutt in a few minutes. @ 8:08:32 AM    

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Frisket had a quiet day at home today. She doesn't like being left alone but is quite good about it. On average she's not alone for more than a couple of hours. Tomorrow (Thursday) she gets to go to Monster Mutt which usually makes her quite happy. e.p.c. via email @ 11:37:22 PM    

Hmm...seems last night's post only made it up today. Frisket got up nice and early around 5:30 this morning and took her morning walk, followed by breakfast of rice and a mix of the puppy and adult Innova kibble (she's on rice because it seems to settle her stomach after a weekend of grass and other oddities in Amagansett). e.p.c. via work @ 8:29:02 AM    

Frisket spent the day taking care of Lisa and recovering from her weekend digging mole holes with Coco. Tonight she had a tough choice on TV, ranging from The Mole II to The Big Chill on Bravo and Heat on HBO. She ended up flipping channels many times, settling instead for The Chicken Run on an alternate HBO channel. e.p.c. via work @ 8:19:02 AM    

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Frisket has been sleepy puppy all day today. I've taken her on 2 short walks, and the rest of the time she has been sleeping or chewing on things. Mostly sleeping. Too much fun this weekend...

lisa via work @ 3:51:25 PM    

Frisket's staying home today with Lisa. e.p.c. via work @ 12:44:34 PM    

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Frisket's been enjoying the past two days out in Amagansett. For most of Friday she played with Coco, getting a side trip in to Shelter Island and dinner at Planet Bliss. Today she's been playing with Coco and Boo (Oliver's Rottweiler). Expect new pictures and movies to be posted soon! e.p.c. via work @ 3:19:02 PM    

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Frisket spent the day at Monster Mutt. She's now getting geared up for the weekend trip to Amagansett where she'll get to play with Coco and Buster (aka Boo). Expect more pictures soon! e.p.c. via earthlink @ 9:32:04 PM    

Frisket is at Monster Mutt today - and very happy about it. Within 30 seconds of getting in the door she was in a tangled heap and playing with a rottie puppy. Very very cute....

lisa via work @ 12:02:05 PM    

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Of course, the construction is occuring in the street right in front of the house, right in front of Frisket's "space". e.p.c. via earthlink @ 8:02:01 AM    

Argh...there's guys running a jackhammer in the street, has Frisket quite upset. @ 7:52:01 AM    

Lisa took Frisket to the vet again last night for her rabies shot as well as an implanted tag should she ever get lost. The normal routine at the vet is to weigh the pet...Frisket is now 29 pounds. This is probably what she would have weighed Satured had she not been ill due to dietary indiscretion. She also got her Frontline treatment so she's ready for her summer trips to the country.

She's now frolicking on the deck (ok, she's not really frolicking, she's watching the various news helicopters dance around the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge).

Justine: I made up some rice for her for lunch (trying to stablize her diet after the weekend). Use half of the packet for her lunch, mixed in with 1/2 the normal amount of kibble. @ 7:37:02 AM    

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Frisket's at Monster Mutt today. Lisa reports that Frisket was quite happy when they turned to corner onto Warren and she realized where she was going. @ 12:21:12 PM    

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Took Frisket on her morning walks and fed her a mix of rice and kibble (since she's still suffering a bit of dietary indiscretion). She was pretty good right up until I left her alone for a few minutes to run upstairs. She managed to find a blue pen and, well, did what she does to things which are chewable. We now have a Golden Retriever with blue tinged paws. @ 10:37:10 AM    

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Frisket is 15 weeks old this week... I think we need to start using months next weekend when she turns her sweet sixteen (weeks :-). She went to the vet yesterday for her fourth round of shots, however since she'd been sick Friday the vet decided to postpone the shots until later this week. Frisket is now 27.4 pounds! (that's 12.45 kg for the Aussies reading this) Frisket walked Lisa and Paulette to the dog run today and frollicked there for the afternoon and is dozing now. @ 7:58:04 PM    

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Frisket learned about Stay tonight at puppy pre-school. She also didn't like riding in the car immediately after eating (draw your own conclusions). She's now watching Tuesday's BTVS and chewing on a nice beef tendon stick. @ 10:33:03 PM    

Walked Frisket @ 9:00, she got to meet another puppy and one of the neighborhood kids and was very happy. Left her watching Alvin and the Chipmunks on Cartoon Network. @ 10:30:02 PM    

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Frisket walked Lisa over to the Hillside dog run today and has since spent the afternoon and evening dozing. @ 11:15:34 PM    

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So I went to pick Frisket up from Monster Mutt tonight, and she was so tired she didn't want to leave.... In the end I went home for the car so I could drive her home, as a walk was clearly not happening.

Hannah says she is totally fearless at daycare... @ 9:55:22 PM    

I called Monster Mutt and checked in on Frisket. She hasn't napped all day, so Hannah is going to put her on her own to nap so she'll have some energy to walk home.... @ 9:55:19 PM    

Frisket is at doggy day care today! She was quite happy and (I hate to say it) frisky as we walked to Monster Mutt. @ 9:21:08 AM    

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Apologies for the small font...something weird with the style sheet. @ 10:52:50 PM    

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There's new pictures of Frisket up, including Frisket on the promenade and Frisket at puppy play group . @ 11:07:03 PM    

Ok...I have the images back online though there's still something weird (there's multiple copies of images being generated from Thumbsplus). @ 10:35:04 PM    

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Gave Frisket a bath tonight. This is no small requires preparation and cunning. And lots of towels. She usually accepts the first few minutes, then gets very upset. Probably moreso since this time around I had a water pik shower extension to rinse her off. She's dry, fluffy, and cream (instead of grey) colored again. @ 11:07:10 PM    

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Apologies to Frisket's ever-growing fan club, expect some more photo updates later today. Earlier we walked Frisket over to the vet's office for her third round of shots. However there was a lot of activity at the office and a 1-2 hour delay, so we rescheduled her for later in the morning and headed off instead to Puppy Play Group at Monster Mutt. She got to play with Doug, Guenther (a terrified Yorkie) and a third unidentified dog (ok, I wasn't paying attention during the introductions). After an hour of play group, we returned to the vet's office where we waited a little while longer and then she got her shots (including a vaccination for Lyme disease so she can play out in the country ;-).

At 13 weeks, Frisket is now 24 pounds (she was 15 when we picked her up on April 6th). I'd guessed 25 pounds...she's still light enough to pick up and carry for several blocks (but not all the way to/from the vet's office). She's zonked out now on the deck under the new table we got (we've noticed she has a thing for crawling under tables).

Lisa's zonked out as well. I in turn am sitting on the deck screwing around with this weblog and some other computer stuff, as well as researching upgrading our Tivo's from their puny 14 and 30 hour limits to absurd limits (see The only problem is it's slightly windy, it's probably only a breeze but due to the weird configuration of the buildings around the house it's windy up here. @ 4:26:02 PM    

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