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Of course, the construction is occuring in the street right in front of the house, right in front of Frisket's "space". e.p.c. via earthlink @ 8:02:01 AM    

Argh...there's guys running a jackhammer in the street, has Frisket quite upset. @ 7:52:01 AM    

Lisa took Frisket to the vet again last night for her rabies shot as well as an implanted tag should she ever get lost. The normal routine at the vet is to weigh the pet...Frisket is now 29 pounds. This is probably what she would have weighed Satured had she not been ill due to dietary indiscretion. She also got her Frontline treatment so she's ready for her summer trips to the country.

She's now frolicking on the deck (ok, she's not really frolicking, she's watching the various news helicopters dance around the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge).

Justine: I made up some rice for her for lunch (trying to stablize her diet after the weekend). Use half of the packet for her lunch, mixed in with 1/2 the normal amount of kibble. @ 7:37:02 AM    

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