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Apologies to Frisket's ever-growing fan club, expect some more photo updates later today. Earlier we walked Frisket over to the vet's office for her third round of shots. However there was a lot of activity at the office and a 1-2 hour delay, so we rescheduled her for later in the morning and headed off instead to Puppy Play Group at Monster Mutt. She got to play with Doug, Guenther (a terrified Yorkie) and a third unidentified dog (ok, I wasn't paying attention during the introductions). After an hour of play group, we returned to the vet's office where we waited a little while longer and then she got her shots (including a vaccination for Lyme disease so she can play out in the country ;-).

At 13 weeks, Frisket is now 24 pounds (she was 15 when we picked her up on April 6th). I'd guessed 25 pounds...she's still light enough to pick up and carry for several blocks (but not all the way to/from the vet's office). She's zonked out now on the deck under the new table we got (we've noticed she has a thing for crawling under tables).

Lisa's zonked out as well. I in turn am sitting on the deck screwing around with this weblog and some other computer stuff, as well as researching upgrading our Tivo's from their puny 14 and 30 hour limits to absurd limits (see The only problem is it's slightly windy, it's probably only a breeze but due to the weird configuration of the buildings around the house it's windy up here. @ 4:26:02 PM    

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