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Frisket had a quiet day at home today. She doesn't like being left alone but is quite good about it. On average she's not alone for more than a couple of hours. Tomorrow (Thursday) she gets to go to Monster Mutt which usually makes her quite happy. e.p.c. via email @ 11:37:22 PM    

Hmm...seems last night's post only made it up today. Frisket got up nice and early around 5:30 this morning and took her morning walk, followed by breakfast of rice and a mix of the puppy and adult Innova kibble (she's on rice because it seems to settle her stomach after a weekend of grass and other oddities in Amagansett). e.p.c. via work @ 8:29:02 AM    

Frisket spent the day taking care of Lisa and recovering from her weekend digging mole holes with Coco. Tonight she had a tough choice on TV, ranging from The Mole II to The Big Chill on Bravo and Heat on HBO. She ended up flipping channels many times, settling instead for The Chicken Run on an alternate HBO channel. e.p.c. via work @ 8:19:02 AM    

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