December 14, 2003

Yay! Snow!

Frisket was very happy to wake up this morning to snow.
We played snowball tag on the promenade for about twenty minutes.
It wasn't quite high enough for her to do her bury-my-nose-in-the-snow routine but I'm sure we'll see some of that later today.

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December 13, 2003

Ouch? What Ouch

I took Frisket to the dog run today after a walk down the Promenade. Lisa had taken her yesterday as well. No sign whatsoever of damage or injury to her leg, she ran and ran and ran (repeat this for a few more lines). Made friends with a black poodle and generally had a blast.

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December 12, 2003

Frisket's ouch

So, last night I had to carry Frisket back home, it wasn't far, but she's not exactly light. Something was wrong with her left rear leg or paw and she wasn't putting any weight onto it.

Today I took her out for her morning walk and kept an eye on her leg. She was walking ok, though her gait was just a little off. Still, she did not seem to have the problem she had last night.

This happened once before, but at the dog run. She'd stepped weird on a wood chip and clearly had done something to her leg, though then she limped a little. Last night she clearly didn't want to put any weight on the leg at all.

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December 11, 2003

Frisket has an ouch

I took Frisket out tonight for her evening walk. She did her thing that she likes to do, and we continued on our way down the street. Maybe 100 feet from the house (still on our block) she stopped and did her "I don't wanna go no further" sit down protest.

So, I gave a tug, like the 10,000 other gentle tugs I give her to convince her to move again.

No doing...she's not budging.

I turn around, since up to this point I'd been a few feet in front of her, again not unusual.

She's standing there with her left rear paw held up and close to the body.

I get her to walk a little out of the way and into the light and take a look at the paw. She didn't flinch at all and I saw nothing in the paw (no glass, rocks, etc). Still when she put it down and tried walking it was clear something was wrong, so I picked her up and carried her back to the house.

At the top of the stoop I had to place her down again to unlock the door. This time she stood on all fours, and when I unlocked the door she walked right in and up the stairs, like nothing was wrong.

She's curled up at the end of the bed now to sleep, I'm hoping this is just a pulled something or another.

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