January 21, 2004

Happiness is a Frisket

We arrived home last night from Chicago to a whirring and grrrring Frisket. (See my blog, http://epcostello.net/ for the reason we were in Chicago). I'd been away since the 2nd and she was both happy to see me but initially a bit aloof. When I went to bed (early, as it's been an exhausting week), she jumped right up and curled up next to me.

In Downers Grove, near a 24 hour diner that Lisa and I went to many times, there was a pet store which had the sign Happiness is Puppies. We never went it but it's pretty true.

This morning I walked Frisket for the first time in 20 days to Cranberry's. On the return to the house we stopped at the AM New York box at Cranberry and Henry where she promptly sat down and patiently waited for me to retrieve her morning paper. I fold the paper a couple of times usually and then let her grab it. She trotted home quite happy to have everything in its place (me walking her and a paper in her mouth).

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January 05, 2004

AM New York

I love the new free newspaper AM New York. Actually - it is a lousy newspaper, but it is free, and just the right size for Frisket to carry home in the morning.

This morning she didn't get to carry a paper home. I didn't think much about it.

This afternoon we went for another walk. We walked past the AM New York box where we normally get a paper and kept going. Apparently she felt slighted. When we got to the next AM New York box on the street about a block away she walked up to it and sat down directly in front of it. She kept looking at it, and then at me and then at it.

I gave her a paper. Life was good again, and she trotted home, head held high, paper clutched firmly in her mouth.

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