January 31, 2007

Dogs Run at the Dog Run

Rather than embedding this, you need to click on the photo below to start the video:

Video of Frisket and Sailor at the Hill Side Dog Run on 30 January 2007

Taken 30 January 2007 at the Hill Side Dog Run on a Nokia e70.

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January 24, 2007

Dogs on the Promenade

Dogs on the Promenade, originally uploaded by epc.

Sailor does not yet fancy herself a bench sitter, preferring to sit on the ground. Frisket on the other hand fully expects to sit on the park benches.

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January 23, 2007

Dog Run Day

Took the dogs to the dog run this morning. It's become part of our routine, at least until Sailor learns a little bit more about the proper use of street curbs and gutters in the city.

I think they are getting along. Or they are plotting my overthrow.

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January 21, 2007

Frisket and Varla and Sailor and the Hedgehog

This is a small sampling of photos from our weekend in Philadelphia with my friends Eric and Michael. Michael and I conspired to throw a party for Eric's 40th birthday this month. Frisket and Sailor played pretty well with Varla, Eric and Michael's 4 month old Norwalk Terrier (or is it Norwhich Terrier?), there were some minor conflicts over treats and the hedgehog. Varla tended to treat Frisket as a jungle-jim and Frisket was mostly non-plussed.

All of the photos are in a flickr photo set here: Varla in Philly.

Varlablur Varla and Frisket Sailor Varla and Frisket Varla and Frisket Varla Frisket with Hedgehog Varla, Frisket and the Hedgehog Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla Frisket and Varla
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January 20, 2007

Video of Frisket, Varla and Sailor playing around

Frisket, I, and Sailor drove to Philly Friday night for a weekend with friends Eric and Michael. Took this phonecam video of Frisket, Varla, and Sailor playing together here in Philly:

Frisket and Varla
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Frisket and Varla

Frisket and Varla, originally uploaded by epc.

Frisket of Hicks Street meets Varla of Philly

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January 19, 2007

Snow dogs

Snow dogs, originally uploaded by epc.

The dogs got to romp in the snow this morning.

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January 17, 2007

Day 4: The sisters go for a walk and then take a nap

Day four began with the walk to Cranberry's followed by a walk to the train station, followed by a walk home.

Hey guys, look at me
Hey guys, look at me
No, Look at Me!
No, Look at Me!
Wary Dogs
Wary Dogs
Sleeping sisters
Sleeping sisters

Maybe, just maybe this will work out.

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January 15, 2007

The One Where Frisket Notices the Camera is not Focused on Her

Sailor Assesses the Office
Sailor Assesses the Office

…and then…

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January 09, 2007

Computer Training Frisket

computer training Frisket, originally uploaded by epc.

Frisket carrying Computer Training Magazine, now published by friends at NetCom Information Technology.

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January 05, 2007

Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog, originally uploaded by epc.

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January 04, 2007

Frisket with the paper

Frisket with the paper, originally uploaded by epc.

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Frisket on the Promenade

Frisket on the Promenade, originally uploaded by epc.

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January 03, 2007

Adopt Goose and Guppie

From Monstermutt:

3 ½ month old lab mix puppies

Photo of Goose and Guppie (dogs for adoption)

These puppies are female, spayed and fully vaccinated.

They do not need to be adopted together.

Goose (white patch on chest) and Guppy (solid black) are darling little puppies.

They will grow up to be about 50 lbs

They will need lots of love and attention and exercise and training. This will take lots of time and patience.

Please do not inquire unless you can make a serious time commitment to giving one of these puppies a forever home with all the love and attention they need.

Please come meet them and tell all your friends about them.

Right now we live at…

Monstermutt 297 Warren Street, Brooklyn NY 11201. +1 718 858 9028.
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