June 12, 2005

Frisket's Day at the Beach

Frisket is spending the week in Amagansett, NY dogsitting her cousin Coco. Here's some pictures from this afternoon's trip to the beach:

Frisket at the beach
Frisket & Coco at the Beach
Coco at the beach
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June 01, 2005


Most excellent squirrel spotting:


Frisket and I were walking down Pineapple to the Promenade when we spotted this squirrel. Initially I thought it was an ex-squirrel, since it didn't move as we approached. Apparently, it could not sense the impending doom as the huntress, Frisket of Hicks Street, approached. The squirrel sat up and stared at us, Frisket was striving to chase the squirrel but I managed to get this shot off before the squirrel crossed the street.

I took other shots but they're even fuzzier and you'd just have to take my word for it that there was a squirrel in the shot.

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