September 29, 2006

Frisket and Coco Discuss Détente

Frisket and Coco Discuss Détente

Frisket and Coco Discuss Détente,
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This is from the 2002 peace talks between Frisket and Coco in the yard in Amagansett, NY. Détente was achieved, briefly, but as with all such accords fell apart once a new toy was introduced to the landscape.

[Reposting in memory of Coco since I've found the higher quality, original image.]

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September 13, 2006

Stuart the Corgi R.I.P.

Another buddy of Frisket's, Stuart, passed away this weekend. Stuart and Frisket sort of played with each other a couple of weeks back when we visited Stuart's family, the Mesjaks of Sycamore, IL. Stuart was (I believe) five.

Stuart of Sycamore
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September 08, 2006



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