March 10, 2004

Houses of Worship Are Reaching Out To a Flock of Pets

Purr Box Goes to Communion
At St. Francis Episcopal;
A Group 'Bark Mitzvah' - Houses of Worship Are Reaching Out To a Flock of Pets
For the first time in 10 years, Mary Wilkinson went to church one Sunday in January. She sat in a back pew at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Stamford, Conn., flipping through a prayer book and listening intently to the priest's sermon.

What drew Ms. Wilkinson back into the fold was a new monthly program the church introduced -- Holy Communion for pets. As part of the service, the 59-year-old retired portfolio manager carried her 17-year-old tiger cat to the altar, waited in line behind three panting dogs to receive the host and had a special benediction performed for her cat, Purr Box Jr. "I like that the other parishioners are animal people," Ms. Wilkinson says.

With pews hard to fill, a small number of otherwise-traditional clergy are welcoming animals into the flock. Some are creating pet-friendly worship services, while others have started making house calls for sick animals. Some are starting to accompany pet owners to the vet when they euthanize a beloved pet. Occasionally, clergy are even officiating at pet funerals and group "bark mitzvahs." Congregants at temple Beth Shir Sholom, in Santa Monica, Calif., have an animal prayer sung to the tune of "Sabbath Prayer," a song from "Fiddler on the Roof": "May our God protect and defend you. May God always shield you from fleas."

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March 02, 2004

Frisket likes The Daily Show

Frisket was sitting on the couch next to me last night while I watched The Daily Show. Normally she's only interested in NY1 or maybe Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but last nigtt she was actively watching the interview with Edie Falco (who was talking about her own dog Marly). She (Frisket that is) looked up and watched the remainder of the interview as Falco talked about her dog.

I will take Stewart's advice to not let my dog do my taxes.

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