January 09, 2005

Frisket's excellent adventure

Frisket spent the past couple of weeks at Monstermut while Lisa and I travelled in Australia and Hongkong. We wanted to bring her along but Australia has some funny rules about quarantines (ok, they weren't so funny) and ...we didn't see any dogs in Hongkong.

She didn't spend the whole time at MM, Alister and Abigail and Harriet came down from Boston and spent several days in NYC, with Frisket as a guide. As near as we can tell Frisket ruled the house and now expects us to walsk her to the dog run daily.

Here's Frisket at the dog run with Alister and Harriet: Frisket, Harriet & Alister at the Dog Run

Posted by epc at 02:17 PM