July 04, 2006

Frisket and Coco's Magical 4th on the Beach

We took Frisket and Coco to the beach at Indian Wells in Amagansett this morning. Frisket, surprisingly, went straight to the water for a swim. Here are some photos and a short (2min, 192Mb) movie clip:

Frisket for a swim

Frisket for a swim, originally uploaded by epc.

Frisket and Coco go scampering

Placeholder for movie clip

Frisket and Coco at the beach, 4 July 2006. You may have to click the image to start the movie. Alternately, click http://s.epcostello.net/av/20060704/mov02456.mpg if your feedreader stripped out the <object> tag (I'm looking at you Bloglines).

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