February 27, 2004

Frisket's Morning Walk Adventure

This morning Frisket and I took a walk down to downtown Downers Grove (made not quite so famous once by Emo Phillips). The total walk was about two miles. The net effect is that I want to curl up and sleep, and she seems to want to continue playing.

We walked down Carpenter st, where I grew up, past the old bus stop, and across the treachorous 55th street (it really isn't that treachorous, but traffic moves quickly and it is four lanes).

Continuing down Carpenter, we ran into Squirrel! Frisket was stunned to see squirrel here in Downers Grove, squirrel must get around as much as Frisket does.

We continued into town and headed to the train station. I kind of wanted to expose Frisket to passenger trains and there's frequent trains through town in the morning.

We stopped at the station and found a nice park bench for Frisket to sit on. There weren't many people around but a few came up to say hi to Frisket and she was quite pleased with herself.

I have to say, she was totally unimpressed with the zooming Burlington Northern trains. Her reaction was kind of a French "I am Frisket, these trifling trains do not bother me".

We walked back through town, not much was open yet, and people don't exactly walk around Downers Grove anymore since they banished most useful businesses to the malls on the outskirts of town.

We arrived back after about 90 minutes of walking...of course, the intent was to tire Frisket out but the walk has had the reverse effect.

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February 21, 2004

Frisket pix for 2004


Frisket at the W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore
2/16/2004 12:51:04 PM


Frisket at the W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore
2/16/2004 12:50:20 PM


Frisket at the dog run

2/15/2004 11:51:12 AM
2/15/2004 11:48:36 AM
2/15/2004 11:48:24 AM
2/15/2004 11:46:26 AM
2/15/2004 10:34:34 AM
2/15/2004 10:33:24 AM
2/11/2004 5:13:24 PM
2/11/2004 5:12:24 PM
1/25/2004 11:56:20 PM
1/25/2004 11:55:22 PM
1/1/2004 1:04:20 PM
1/1/2004 8:17:00 AM
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Frisket of 2004

Frisket has been spending time in Downers Grove, IL with me as I deal with matters related to my mom's estate.

She's been quite happy with the snow that was on the ground here until the last couple days. She's just as happy with the resulting mud. I am...not so happy with the mud.

Her favorite game seems to be: go outside and grab the nerf football and run and run. Wait for dad to catch me and then run and run. Watch ball get thrown and chase after it.

I'm not certain she'd like to stay here but she's certainly enjoying the trip.

I took her to the Mayslake dog run today. She's been there a couple times before on this trip, and has made regular trips there nearly every six months since July 2002.

Next post: pictures from the year to date.

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February 09, 2004

Frisket of DG

Frisket has relocated temporarily to Downers Grove, IL home of...well, nothing of consequence. There is lots of snow here and I'm sure she'll enjoy that. We'll be here for February doing stuff related to closing out my mother's estate.

She was very good on the drive out, sleeping or at least feigning sleep most of the way. She got plenty of frolic time at various rest areas, though was frustrated to find 18" of snow covered by 1/2 inch of frozen sleet across most of Pennsylvania.

She had had digestive issues Thursday and Friday but I'm thinking they were self-induced from nervousness (I'd packed the bags on Tuesday and had planned to leave earlier in the week but postponed due to weather and lack of interest in the task at hand).

I brought the camera so expect some more snowpix soon. I didn't take any pictures in the car since this one pretty much covers that.

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