March 12, 2007

Cleaned up the old photo album

I started this site on my old Earthlink account, then moved it to, then eventually here, When I started out I created a photo album (which seems to cover the first six-eight months of Miss Frisket's reign) using Thumbsplus. Thumbsplus is a nice photo management tool, whose features I probably use only 10% of. One feature I used was to create photo album web pages. Unfortunately it appears that each time I updated the "album", it created new thumbnails with new names and may or may not have updated the URLs in each page.

So while the thumbnails have been working on the Photo Album, most of the images were broken once you clicked on them.

I've cleaned it up and added some code to pop the image up in the frame using a toolkit called Lightbox.

Separately, I also created a flickr photo set of Frisket's attack on a roll of paper towels from her wild and crazy youth, here: The Paper Towel Disaster.

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March 03, 2007

Frisket and Sailor Scout for Squirrels

Frisket and Sailor Approach Lafayette Park

Frisket and Sailor warily approach Lafayette Park.

Frisket and Sailor Tree a Squirrel

Sailor trees a squirrel while Frisket checks for an attack from the air

The Squirrel Escaped!

Frisket and Sailor look for a ground based assault from other squirrels.

Frisket and Sailor Scout for Squirrels

Frisket and Sailor take up positions on the southern end of Lafayette Park, facing Pennsylvania Avenue, on the lookout for squirrels.

Frisket and Sailor Scout for Squirrels II

Sailor notices something across the street. A squirrel perhaps?

Frisket and Sailor Scout for Squirrels III

Sailor smiles for the camera while Frisket keeps an eye out for a surprise attack from the right.

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