August 30, 2005


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Frisket looks for Lisa
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August 07, 2005

Frisket's August 2005 Road Trip

Frisket will be taking a road-trip, starting this Friday the 12th and returning some time the week of the 21st. Her expected stops include:

  • Middleburg Heights, OH
  • Denham, IN
  • Chicago, IL
  • The greater Downers Grove, IL metropolitan area
  • Sycamore, IL (maybe)
  • Crystal Lake, IL (maybe)
  • Rochester, IL
  • Erie, PA

The “maybes” are due to Frisket catching a case of kennel cough from her cousin Coco last week. So, much as Frisket would like to visit Stuart in Sycamore and some of the other places, she might not be able to. And her driver might just get tired of driving.

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Frisket and the DUMBO Prayer Flags

East River Prayer Flags #10
East River Prayer Flags #10,
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On a walk through DUMBO, we noticed these prayer flags along the East River, just under the Manhattan Bridge. Frisket quietly posed for photos from the crowd.
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Dozing dog

Dozing dog
Dozing dog,
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“Finally, someone made the damn bed. How am I supposed to recline if the bed isn’t made?”
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Beachball Frisket

Beachball Frisket
Beachball Frisket,
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Frisket received this beach ball toy from Carol Moore’s cats Cuff and Links. It’s one of her favourite toys.
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August 02, 2005


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